We recently asked our Seniors what they liked best about visiting the Intercultural Senior Center. Here are a few of their responses (translated, in some cases, with the help of ISC interpreters). We encourage you to stop in and check out the center for yourself!
“Now, I can write my name! I can sign my name and don´t have to just put X.”
“It has helped me learn a lot about English.”
“I see improvement in my health by doing exercises.”
“Now, I can do my own shopping at store by myself.”
“It has helped me get friends and not spend all day at home.”
“I used to feel very depressed and now coming to the Center I feel very happy.”
“I improve my health, and I receive foods and help.”
“I have a connection with friends who came from different place, different culture.”
“I can see my improvement in my English, and now I am more confident to go around my community and talk with my relatives and friends.”
I used to feel very sad at home lonely and now coming to ISC has improved the way I feel. I am more free and I have friends and feel empower.
“I enjoy every activities and it make me happy.”