Our Purpose

At the Intercultural Senior Center, we believe that elders deserve dignity, wellness, and the opportunity to share their talents and wisdom with others.

Many seniors in our community, in particular immigrant and refugee seniors, have physical and mental health, education, emotional, and legal needs that go unmet. They are isolated by poverty, language and cultural barriers, and few transportation options. ISC actively welcomes seniors from around the world with culturally-appropriate, high-quality services and programs.

Our mission is to improve the dignity, quality of life and physical well-being of seniors from around the world through advocacy, education, access to social services, and cultural enrichment activities that benefit the entire community.

We envision an Omaha that values the wisdom and experience of our diverse elders and creates opportunities for them to embrace and enhance their community.

Our History

The Intercultural Senior Center was founded in 2009 by Carolina Padilla. She brought together a group of twelve women with the goal of providing services to elderly immigrants in the community.

At the beginning ISC served mainly Latino seniors, and in 2013 we started welcoming refugee seniors from Sudan, Somalia, Bhutan, Nepal, and Burma (Karen population) and native English speakers as well.

With bilingual English/Spanish staff members, interpreters for the languages of the refugees, and door-to-door transportation by van, we ensure that everyone can participate fully in our programs regardless of language ability, income, or physical mobility.