Congratulations to this brave survivor and the committed ISC staffers who are determined that all our seniors take the steps necessary to live full, healthy lives.

Nearly 25 years ago, Mat Tee was looking for food in the jungle near her home in Burma when she accidentally stepped on a landmine. She lost her foot that day, but not her will to live a full life.

After many years of struggle in a Thai refugee camp, she made her way to the U.S. 7 years ago and settled in Nebraska. It was here that she received her first prosthetic of sorts—a short Velcro boot often used to support sprained ankles. Mat Tee was grateful for the assistance, but she still walked with a cane to balance her good foot with the empty fabric slipper.

Two years ago, Mat Tee started visiting the Intercultural Senior Center. When ISC staffers Klee Shwe, Karen Case Worker, and Eh Say, Karen Community Liaison, learned of her plight, they helped Mat Tee with the paperwork and served as interpreters when escorting her to the appointments necessary for pain -free mobility. Then, just this morning, wearing hot pink sneakers and an enormous grin, Mat Tee walked out of the doctor’s office with a brand-new, ergonomically-designed prosthetic foot!

Her new foot feels so good, in fact, when we tried to visit with her about it, Mat Tee was nowhere to be found!

Where was she?

She was outside enjoying a walk around the block on this beautiful, spring day.