ISC welcomes individual volunteers and large service groups to be part of our seniors’ lives. Just a small commitment of time can make an important difference in seniors’ lives.

We have many opportunities available during the weekdays between 8 am-4 pm and enjoy working with regular volunteers and one-time service projects.

Some ways ISC volunteers help seniors are:

  • Teaching an English or Spanish class (no teaching degree required)
  • Leading a dance or music class
  • Hosting a multicultural holiday celebration

If you have a particular talent or experience you would like to share, please let us know!

ISC Lunch Squad

Volunteers teams can also be part of the ISC Lunch Squad, a new program designed to make it easier for corporate, school, or other teams to serve lunch to seniors. Read more about the Lunch Squad and contact us today to learn more about getting involved.

To learn more about becoming an ISC volunteer, please call our office at (402) 933-2643 or fill out the volunteer form here.

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