ISC welcomes individual volunteers and large service groups to be part of our seniors’ lives. Just a small commitment of time can make an important difference.

We have many opportunities available weekdays between 8 am – 4 pm and enjoy working with both regularly-scheduled, ongoing volunteers and one-time service project providers.

To learn more about becoming an ISC volunteer and to arrange a time for your service, please contact Lorena Miller, ISC Life Enrichment Specialist, at lifesp@interculturalseniorcenter.org or (402) 933-2643, or complete the volunteer form below. Lorena will contact you to discuss the various volunteer opportunities as well as your particular areas of expertise and interest. Our goal is to create a mutually-beneficial volunteer experience for our seniors, our agency, and YOU! 

Some ways ISC volunteers help seniors are:

If you have a particular talent or experience you would like to share, please let us know!

The feedback we receive from volunteers is that they consider their time with ISC seniors to be memorable and personally meaningful, and we are confident that your team will find the same value in their service here.

We really appreciate your consideration to partner with us to give back to a fragile community that needs and appreciates our care and support. We also recognize your gift of time through social media, our website, and annual impact reports. More importantly, you and your team can share in the wisdom, humor, and joy our elders express every day.

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